Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Homeschooling

No, I am definitely not going to…

Basically, I am not smart enough.  And I lack the desire.  Like, REALLY lack it. 

Although I do know many fine woman that do home school.  And they are awesome.   And their kids are going to be the best.  And I am a teensy bit jealous. 

Anywho, I am just saying all this because I keep coming across all these awesome home school rooms in design blogs.  And I really want one! 

Question: Do you have to home school to have a home school room? 


August Fields

Roger & Rosaleen’s Life & Travels

The Pleated Poppy

Table viewed from the Bookshelves.

via The Pioneer Woman

Smart and pretty, no?


  1. Just make it a kids study. :) Cause kids have homework no matter what room they are in!

  2. For the record, I'm a teensy bit jealous of those who don't. :-) And, hey, I home school without the home school room, so I see no problem with you having the room without actually home schooling. ;-)


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