Friday, July 24, 2009

When the doggy is away....

The bunnies come to play.

Since Ripley's departure, we have noticed that there are so many bunnies hopping in and out of our yard. We love it. Yes, it's the simple things that get me excited.

Then last night while Grant was mowing, we made an exciting discovery! Baby Bunnies! We found that Mama Bunny set up her nest under the play set. Grant has seen up to five babies, he thinks, but I have only seen three at once. Here is a picture of a couple hiding under the fort part of the play set.

We know that they won't stay babies for long, but nonetheless, we wanted to name them. While Jagger was looking at three huddled together, he thought we should call them Peter Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit, and Mr. Rollercoaster. Original, no?

Friday, July 17, 2009

A few funnies

This is just a few things I have come across that gave me a chuckle.

Inspiration for the couch potato.

How I feel about house guests.

The Zack Morris phone is always funny.

A twist on business cards.

What I fear my children will do, perhaps while I am blogging and paying no attention to them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What up, Cuz?

We went up to visit the Berry's last weekend. Grant had a couple meetings up there, so the boys and I tagged along. We hung out with the cousins, did some Ikea shopping, and then forced Grant to watch a really girly movie.
And then we made a dog pile on Ryder.
And then the dirty boys bathed.
And then they played "yellow car" from the window.