Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stuff, Etc.

Turns out I am a bad blogger.  My apologies.  I sort of fell off the face of the interwebs.  You probably didn’t notice.  Oh well.  I think at least one person did.  And that’s enough for me to feel missed.  Anyway, I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, and I hate to do it.  But here I am playing catch up, and filling you in on all the awesome and not awesome things of the last month or so. 

When I last wrote, I was leaving for Honduras the next day.  So I should begin with that.  The focus of our trip was pretty similar to last year’s trip.  So I won’t get into that good stuff, instead I’ll just share a few pics. 

Honduras 004

  It was a last minute opportunity for me to go, so I was a little extra nervous this year about leaving my boys.  I only had about a week or so wrap my head around it. 

Honduras 019

But of course it all worked out and it was a transforming and fulfilling trip.  I’m soo glad I had the opportunity to go! 

Honduras 003

I wish I could have brought all these kids home with me. So stinkin’ cute!

Honduras 021

Little boy.  Rain boots.  Horse.  Love!

Honduras 006

This is the school yard and the school.

Honduras 015

“God is Love,” written on a beam in a house.

Honduras 001

Love all these girls too!

Grant held down the fort while I was gone.  And this little incident happened while I was away. 

He heard a crash in the middle of the night, and this is what he found. 


Oops, looks like I have a couple too many clothes.  Actually I don’t.  I need more yoga pants.  It’s just whoever installed this was clueless.  STUDS people.  Studs.   

Let’s see…… what else?  We celebrated anniversary #7, in a super romantic way…. picking out a new refriger-dator-rator and watching KU lose the national championship.  Wha-wha. 

And then there was Easter.  Lots of fam was here and we had a super time.

Easter Weekend 006

Kenzie, you’re in trouble for not telling me Jagger was goofing off in all the official Easter family pics!  Hello, it’s the like the only family picture we take each year!

  Easter Weekend 003

You’re also in trouble for taking this picture.  Yeah, I just posted that.

  Easter Weekend 016Easter Weekend 036Easter Weekend 034

Our out-o-town visitors:  Arnold, Victoria, Henry, & Kenzie.  *Not pictured: Earl: the three legged dog.

Easter Weekend 017Easter Weekend 030

The boys and some of their bestest buds…. oh, the shenanigans!

Lets see.  What else.  Well, we finally made it down to OKC to see our newest cousin, Jace! 

Honduras 004

Ooooh, he’s a good baby!  I don’t really remember him crying or spitting up.  Or those other annoying things that babies do.  Yeah, he’s a good one.  Makes me almost want another…. so we decided it would be best if we didn’t stay too long.  Can’t be thinking those kind of thoughts!  We also couldn’t stay too long because there were a few too many tornadoes happening for my taste.  Oh, Oklahoma.  You’re so so silly.  Erin, in a more timely fashion, also wrote about the little visit here, and how my boys love to dress Haylie up!


And here’s me and the old roomie, and all that we have procreated.  We don’t see each other enough, so this was a good visit.  Good times.

While we were down there Grant and I did a drive by of all our old stompin’ grounds.  And looky here, we found house #2. 

Honduras 003

Yay for memories!

All right.  That’s it.  Blog.  Updated.