Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Weekend

For whatever reason, the four of us haven’t been home together for a whole weekend since I don’t remember when.

June 2011 033-1June 2011 018-1

Actually, since April to be exact.

June 2011 037-1June 2011 043-1

Anywho, this weekend we soaked up our time together.

turtle-1June 2011 069-1

And did lots of boyish things.  Cuz that’s what families with two little boys do.  Even though the mother sometimes gets grossed out or scared of things those little boys pick up.

outside-1June 2011 025-1June 2011 019-1June 2011 028-1

Even so, no manis or pedis or shopping.  Just lots of good old outdoor stuff.  That’s all.

June 2011 036-1June 2011 009-1

And when we couldn’t be outside, we camped out inside.


Play hard.  Sleep hard.  That’s how I like em.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 days, 253 photos later

And that can only mean we spent the weekend with the cousins. 

photo shoot (43)

  photo shoot (107)

And so we did a lot of cousin-y things

Like celebrating this cutie pie who is almost two

June, with the cousins 021

And then we did some more boyish things

fireside (10)

fireside (11)

Like wrestling

June, with the cousins 005

outside (2)

And catching turtles

fireside (34)fireside (36)

And roasting marshmallows…

and telling ghost stories.

(Oh, and Henry, since you weren’t there, somebody might have scared the boys into thinking you are going to kill them in Mexico.  Sorry.) 

And of course they bathed.

photo shoot (118)

photo shoot (130)

This counts, right?

Thanks to the parents for hosting all of the crazy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

He didn’t have permission

But he went ahead and grew up anyway. 

Right before my eyes.  The nerve.

Lasr day of school 019

And there it is in black and white, his first diploma. 

So what’s that all over his face, you say. 

Well, for some reason the class celebrated the graduation with a Luau. They had beach balls and leis and all that jazz, and some pretty phenomenal face painting.

Lasr day of school 002

Yes, I’m a little smitten with that pirate of mine.

Cash got to enjoy the party, too.  But at some point in time, he got a little fussy about something.  I can’t remember what.  I was too busy taking pictures of his temper tantrum. 

Lasr day of school 043Lasr day of school 044

Could I please love his fits-of-rage any more? 

He crosses his arms and goes silent.  Love. It.

Oh boys, just can’t get enough of them.