Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

A few things that we are thankful for in our little corner of the world:

A husband that works hard and provides for us.
Healthy little boys.
Grandparents that live close, and closer. They make the best baby-sitters.
Our DVR.
Napoleon Dynamite Quotes. They will never die.
Great friends and great family that we have so many great memories with.
A gym membership.
High speed, wireless internet.
Jagger going to school for 10 hours a week.
Online shopping and free shipping.
Our freedom and our faith.

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy.

We spent the day here in town with Grant's family. His extended family came in from as far as Oklahoma City, Chicago and Denver, around 25 of us in all. We feasted, napped, and watched some football; it was a pretty traditional day. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Blessings to you and yours!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am really mad at my mouth right now.

No, I didn't stick my foot in it, if that's what you think the title implies.

I had a trip to the dentist today and didn't get the best news.

My teeth have been feeling sensitive lately, not all of them, just certain ones when I eat sweets. So naturally I was convinced I had multiple cavities.... which is totally embarrassing....(not that I would normally tell you all,) but still, Grant would know, and he likes to make fun of me. And I don't need to provide him with any more material.

So I am at the dentist, and it turns out cavities aren't my problem. Whew, not getting made fun of by my husband. But there is a problem. Guess who's wisdom teeth finally grew in. And they grew in funky, and they make my jaw pop, and they make me grind my teeth at night, and now the enamel is worn off the tops of many of my teeth, and now they aren't shaped right, and now my teeth are senstive and I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out. And, oh, I have the teeth of a 90-year-old woman. Cool, huh?

So fun times coming up soon for me, when I get all four wisdom teeth removed and fitted for my very own mouth guard thingy to sleep in so I don't grind off any more of my own teeth. Stupid mouth.

Monday, November 3, 2008

There is a stressed out dad in this family

So things were a little rough around here today. The boys were grumpy and I was exhausted, so it made for a bad combination. I didn't get anything on the to-do list accomplished, let alone get dressed.

By the time Grant came home at five, I was ready for some "me" time. Since I didn't get to the gym in the morning, that's where I was headed. I was ready to go, but I still felt guilty leaving Grant with the grumpy boys. But apparently I got over it.

An hour and a half later, after sweating it up, I get into the car. I check my cell phone, and I have three missed calls from Grant.

So I call him back, a little worried. What's going on????

He picks up, and boys are fussing crazily in the background. And all Grant says is "On your way home, buy that medicine that makes the kids go to sleep!"


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween Festivities and Happy Pukevember

All right... it's picture posting day for me!

Here's a few pics from Jagger's pre-school school Halloween party. They were all so cute.

Halloween night we got together with some friends and did dinner and the Trick-or-Treating thing. It was a successful evening, Jagger got into it, and had a great time with his buddies and little brother.

Jagger, Jace, Hayden, and Cash

Dr. Cash. We borrowed the baby scrubs from the Lasiters. It was a last minute idea.

The golfer and the doctor just stolled along. They're kinda lazy.

Afterwards, we decided to head to Grandma and Papa C's house to show off the costumes and to drop off Jagger for the night. Which is exactly what we did.

Soon after... the pukefest began.....
On the way home, Cash was the first to get sick .... in his carseat. Which was awesome to clean up, by the way. Later that night, the puke fairy hit Grant and I. Saturday, well, we were all sick. And we found out Jagger had been sick that last night too (puked in Grandma and Papa's bed!!!) So by the time he was back at home, Saturday consisted of puke, bathe, clean carpet, wash the puke laundry, and repeat.

Of course the culprit must have been some virus that one of us picked up at school/work/church/gym.... but we are choosing to blame Hy-Vee Chinese food, and have sworn that off for the rest of time.

Now that Sunday has rolled around, we are all feeling better, just a little worn out and weak. That extra hour we got today came in handy while we all layed around. We skipped out on church in hopes to not burden our friends with a similar pukefest their own. You're welcome guys.

Happy November!