Friday, May 28, 2010

The New Paint Job


Sept 09 005

And After:

may 10 015

Not a huge difference, bit it feels fresher and cleaner. 

And fresher and cleaner makes me feel happy.   

may 10 012

For now, the front door is my favorite part.  I ordered the vinyl decals from an Etsy Shop.  I bet I could have just asked around and found a friend with a Cricut who would have done it, but oh well.   

There are still a couple things on this to-do list, including a small retaining wall in front of the steps, new light fixtures, and heck, we might even get crazy and plant some grass.

Yes, sometimes we just get crazy like that.            

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recent Happenings

How was my Mother’s Day?

Thanks for asking.  It was really nice.  I spent it away from my kids, and away from my mother.  Is that wrong? 

Actually, living just 2 hours away from my mom means I get to visit her quite often.  I think she thinks I visit too often, actually.  Just like my like my little sister calls her too often.  It’s weird. 

Anyway, I was away from the kids because Grant and I snuck to New Orleans for the weekend.  We reunited with some friends, went to a gorgeous wedding, ate some great meals and did a lot of sleeping in.  It was loverly.  Thanks for watching the boys, Mom! 

 May 10 023 edited

Our hotel was cute.  Don’t ya think?

Like I said, the wedding was gorgeous and all that good stuff.  They really know how to throw a party. 

May 10 022 edited

And here’s me with a couple old college roomies. 

As souvenirs, we bought each boy an alligator claw necklace.  How gross is that?  I can’t believe I am actually okay with that.  Anyway, Jagger is completely and utterly obsessed with it.  So this is just a warning for any of you that might see him in the near future:  He’ll likely have that thing dangling from his neck and  you might want to go ahead and look away.   

May 10 038 edited

About Cash, because so many of you have asked…. His test showed that everything is normal.  He has reflux, like we knew, and it just seems that his aversion to eating is because of that.  So really, it looks like we’ll just do our best to treat that with a new medicine, and I’ll do my best to provided a lot of meal options, and (fingers crossed) he’ll outgrow this.  That’s my prayer anyway. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Child Labor

We’re for it. 

April 10 024 edited

I wish they didn’t get so darn distracted, though. 

April 10 036 edited

Bubbles.  They win every time.