Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Upstairs

Upstairs is the two bedrooms for the boys, a bathroom they will share, the master suite, and a huge bonus room off the master.  It’s a little weird.  I’ll explain. 

But first, are just some simple pictures of what will be the boys’ rooms.

Christmas 014

Above is Jagger’s, at the front of the house, looking over the lake.  Below is Cash’s, at the back of the house. 

Christmas 013

Here is the view from the hallway looking down into the entry.

Christmas 015

This is the master bedroom, the view from the doorway standing at the hall.  There is access to the front deck, that looks over the lake in the front.  That glass door on the left, leads to the awkward bonus room. 

Christmas 006

Here’s the view from the front deck

Christmas 011

Below is the master bath.  Looks like I need to learn to love some octagon windows!

Christmas 007

Christmas 008

And this, is the big awkward room!  Coming in at a size of 25x25, or something like that. 

Christmas 010

As you can see it also has access to the front deck, and the views are nice!  But what will we do with such a big space, that is only accessible through the master? 

The best I can come up with is: office, treadmill, and a nice place to dump laundry.  Even though it is big and awkward, it’s not the worst problem to have.  I’ll  probably fall in love all the extra space. 

Even so, we think a small renovation might be on the horizon for this area.  No time soon…. not this year at least.  But Grant and I are toying with the idea of turning the master bedroom into a 4th bedroom upstairs, and then having the bonus room be the master.  We would have to add a few walls here and there, and change the layout of the master closet and bath, but we think it’s all do-able.  We’ll just have to see! 

So that’s the upstairs of the new place.  In the beginning, I think only the boys’ rooms will get to a see a new paint job, (right now those walls are white and pretty scuffed up) and then we are just going to live with the rest while we figure out how we want it to be. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

The New House

I have been anxious to share this with you, but didn’t think I should until all the papers were signed and it was official in every way. 

Well now it is! 

It’s a funny story actually, because we weren’t even looking for a house.  We were just living in Grandpa’s house and waiting and saving so that we could build next year. 

But one day Grant was killing some time on the interwebs, and came across a house he really liked that was for sale.  He thought it deserved a drive-by, and plugged the address into the GPS, and it took him to a nearby neighborhood that we really like.  He was pretty pumped, and it seemed too good to be true.  The GPS had him drive down a cul-de-sac, and then it started spazzing out a little bit.  Grant double checked the address, and it turns out it was a house in Columbia, SC.  Well that wasn’t gonna work for us.  Minor detail, right? 

Anyway, I thought it was a funny story, and started comparing houses, and came across another one, that was actually IN Missouri.  Turns out we loved it, and it was in a neighborhood we loved, on a lot we loved!  We trespassed a few times, and saw it with a realtor a few times.  We loved it, bargained a little bit,  and the rest is history. 

So our plans to build have gone by the way-side, and we plan on moving early this next year. 

Here’s a little photo tour of the new pad, as it is now.  Of course, we got plans for this baby though! 

Christmas 031

Christmas 032

She’s up on top of a hill, set back from the rest of the houses.

Christmas 029

Here’s a few from the front steps looking at the driveway.

Christmas 028

And here is the view from the front steps looking straight forward at the small lake in front.  The property comes with 9 acres.

Christmas 004

The entryway, right as you walk in.

Christmas 003

Through french doors on your left, the one and only living room.

Christmas 002

Same room, how it looks from the back.

Christmas 016

Right off the living room, is the kitchen.

Christmas 017

Christmas 018

And off the kitchen, in the front of the house, is the dining room.

All the bedrooms are upstairs, and then there is a guest room in the basement.  I’ll share those pictures later.

And like I said, we’ve got plans for this baby.  The cabinets and hopefully the trim will all be painted.  Is it just me, or does this first floor look like a sea of oak to you?  I personally can’t handle it.  I do love the floors though.  The basement is a mess, and I don’t even know what we are going to do with it.  And let me just tease you with the image of a black tile floor that formerly housed the “hot tub room”. 

Even with all the quirks, we love this place and the potential it has.  Not sure of our timeline and plans exactly yet, but I will keep you posted!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Lots of love, from our home to yours! 

Christmas Card 092Recently Updated

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sister Gets Hitched, Mexico Style

Feliz Navidad!  Got back from the wedding/vacation a couple days ago and I still got the Spanish in me! 

Here’s a few pics of the main event:

Mexico 056

Mexico 061

Mexico 064

Somewhere right around this point of the wedding…. Kenzie mouths to me that she forgot Henry’s ring and she needs me to go get it.  After a couple minutes of trashing the honeymoon suite looking for it, I return, and actually didn’t miss too much of the ceremony. 

Mexico 069

They kissed, and then they high fived.  Super cute!

Mexico 071

Here’s to the happy couple!

Mexico 076

  All these cute cousins…

Mexico 073

And let’s do one more, with masks, just for the heck of it.

You can’t have a proper Mexican wedding without some Nacho Libre!

So that’s the reason WHY we were there, but I’ve got a gajillion more pics of other good vacation times that hopefully I’ll get around to posting soon. 

Feliz Navidad!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Haircut Conversation



Here’s a few snippets of a conversation with Cash’s stylist today:

Lady: “So Cash, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

Cash: “I have a sister named Kenzie.”

That’s not weird, is it? 

For those that don’t know…. Kenzie is MY sister. 

And I am sooo not pregnant if that thought crossed your mind.  I might have had to clarify that on facebook earlier. 

Later on, during that same haircut…

Lady: “Are you excited for Christmas?”

Cash: “Yeah, we are going to the beach.  A string ray might try to sting me.  I might sting it back.”


And there he is, all trimmed up. 

And ready to see his “sister” get married at the beach with the sting rays. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving & Such

Like I mentioned before, my mother-in-law hosted my side of the family for Thanksgiving.

Bless her heart!

And it all went swimmingly.  Of course. 

Thanksgiving 001

The whole day got a thumbs up from Kenzie. 

Thanksgiving 019

Thanksgiving 006Thanksgiving 017Thanksgiving 027Thanksgiving 033Thanksgiving 011Thanksgiving 007

Like father, like son. 

After our big feast, we headed 5 hours away to Grandma J-Ho’s house. 

Thanksgiving 010-1Thanksgiving 002

And Grandma got a new lappy!  Gonna get Skypin’!

Thanksgiving 007-1

Ryder’s food can deny gravity. 

Thanksgiving 020-1

And Wren was just being cute the whole time.  Typical. 

Thanksgiving 023

Cute boys, cute Grandma.

While in Hutch, Aunt Cathy also took us 3 sisters around thrifting. 

That was so right up our alley. 

I came home with a few goodies. 

Thanksgiving 002-1

Turns out I have a thing for white footed bowls. 

One might say I have a problem. 

That one, would be my husband.  Not me.  I don’t think of it as a problem at all. 

Anyway, that was our Thanksgiving, a week late.

Good thing I got that out of that way, cuz I already got Christmas parties to post about, and more exciting house news!  I ‘m gonna try to be Blogasuarus Rex again, for just this week anyway…

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Happenings

November 2011 004

Cash’s Thanksgiving Feast at school:  They are always so stinkin’ cute in their turkey hats.   

November 2011 022

This is the K-5 group at church, doing a little food pantry volunteer action. 

November 2011 026

November 2011 008

And this is a little guy I made.  They are pretty cute from far away. 

Leadership Award 005

Jagger was honored at his school this month with a Leadership Award.  Only a couple kids in his class got one, so it was kind of a big deal.  And he was so exicted to get to go up on stage an accept it.

Leadership Award 009

And that’s just a lil bit of what has been going on around here this month. 

All the fam is coming in tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Big thanks to my mother-in-law for hosting all of the Zieglers.  Should be a fun time! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Settin’ Up Shop

I have a little bit of news! 

If you know me, you know I like to thrift, and paint stuff, and decorate, and everything up that alley…


Well, I have decided to see if I can make a little bit of money combining all those interests. 

I’m taking my junk to the flea market! 

November 2011 020

Starting last week, I’ve got me a little booth out at the Midway Flea Market.  You might have heard of it.  It’s right off I-70 and has a little reality TV show.  Kinda cool.  They were actually filming in the market the day Kenzie and I set up shop. 

I don’t have a whole lot in there yet.  But I do have a few more big furniture pieces I am hoping to get out there soon.  I’m finding my goodies at auctions, craigslist, garage sales, etc. and trying to spiffy them up in a cool & eclectic way. 

So hopefully, with this new endeavor, I’ll have lots of befores-and-afters to share with you regularly!