Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art Day

The little boys and I felt like getting creative yesterday.  (Translation: I felt like getting creative and insisted that they feel that way too.)

So we rummaged the garage, found some paint and some wood, and got to work.   We each had our own canvas.  Can you guess who did what? 

Raindance 017

I am pretty pleased.  I am not sure what will go where, but I think they will all get some wall time in the house. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why We Are Mad at Texas

It keeps stealing all our friends!

But before our goodbyes we had some fun with our friends.  Some good, clean, messy fun.  

Lasiters 008

Lasiters 031

Lasiters 010

Lasiters 011

Lasiters 050

Yep, matching trunks.  Complete coincidence.  Great moms/stylists/swimsuit-picker-outers think alike.  

Lasiters 028

Lasiters 040

Lasiters 033 Lasiters 044

The little brothers preferred to be a little less messy.

   Lasiters 043

Lasiters 059

And in the end, I went ahead and counted this as their bath for the day.  Double Bonus. 

Fun memories.  But we sure miss our friends.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decorating, A Onesie, and Cleaning

In decorating news, Jagger has taken up to making his door a little more fashionable.  He really loves Shrek. 

June 10 019

Lovely, no? 

In onesie news, Cash has outgrown this:

June 10 002

Kenzie, we need a new one, Stat! 

And in cleaning news, I got a new Dyson in the mail today!  I was so excited I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom… in my swimsuit.  It was awesome. 

Also, (and here is where I reveal how dorkified I am) I did a little consumer-reports test and compared the new yellow beauty to my two-year-old Bissel.  Uh yeah, I won’t show you a picture, but it was gross.  After I used the oldy in just one room, I went over it again with the Dyson, and I definitely picked up an extra handful’s worth of gray fuzz.  I feel happy. 

Anyway, for curious minds….We bought the thing refurbished off of Overstock.  It looks and acts completely new to me, and we saved a few Benjamins. 

Oh, and I got home from the pool about 8 hours ago.  I’m still in my swimsuit.  I’m gross like that.  But my floors are clean:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Baptizing Cash?

It’s officially summer around here.  We’re staying up late, catching lightning bugs, sleeping in, and playing in the sun. 

And today Jagger asked Cash if he wanted to be baptized. 

June 10 005

June 10 004

June 10 009

Cash’s response:  “Oh yeah, I LOVE getting baptized! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day at the Lake

Just a few pics of what we were up to last weekend:

may 10 005 edited


may 10 010 edited

And Tubing

may 10 012 edited

And Swimming

may 10 023 edited 

And Playing Ball

may 10 028 edited

And Smoring

may 10 040 

And finding the cutest little baby toad.  Have you ever seen one so little? 

may 10 001


It was all fun.  And it really wore some of us out!