Monday, September 12, 2011

One Man’s Trash

You know what they say. 

So, I’m hinting at our latest treasure.

Our latest treasure was rescued from the neighbor’s trash. 

That Grant pulled out of the trash.  

Honestly, I am just in disbelief that he did it.  I mean, I’m all for yanking something valuable out of the trash, I’m just in disbelief that Grant did this.  That’s not usually his style.

If I was a betting woman, I would have said that I would do this a dozen or so times in my life before he would even think about it.  But I would be wrong. 

Treasures from the Trash Scoreboard

Grant 1
Brei 0


The treasure I am talking about is this number. 

booty pic

Yep, a booty painting.  A nude booty painting.  

He thought it looked like him. 

It kinda does. 

Actually, he thought it would be a good gag gift for someone.  He didn’t count on me wanting to keep it. 

I did and I do and it’s here to stay until I get sick of it. 

As for the placement these sweet cheeks, that’s easy. 

Kenzie’s room, of course. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Shin Dig

As I sit here eating my take-out-sushi, and the boys enjoy a Saturday night marathon of Inspector Gadget, I figure I should recap the boys’ birthday festivities from last week.  Better late than never. 

But before I start, I just want to thank Netflix for letting me relive my childhood.  Basically, Inspector Gadget is awesome and I hope my kids realize how blessed they are to have this opportunity. 

Anyway, early on Jagger’s birthday we woke him up to show him his big surprise.  And this kid became giddy with excitement.

  Sep 2 (18)

But the first thing he said?

Sep 2 (56)

“How much did it cost?”

What a funny 6 year old.  I love that he’s so concerned with our budget! 

Cash’s birthday was just two days later, and since the tramp was a you-are-brothers-and-you-are-sharing-this-type-of-gift, his birthday morning surprise was a little less exciting. 

Sep 2 (3)Sep 2 (11)Sep 2 (14)

But I think he loved it just the same. 

That weekend all of our  family came to town to celebrate.  Well, maybe they didn’t come just to celebrate, but they were there none the less.  And we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Family Bday Party (2) Family Bday Party (35)

In fact, the boys were so thrilled, they didn’t wear shirts all weekend. Do you hear that family? You are THAT thrilling to us!

Family Bday Party (31)

It was kinda crazy and hectic, but that’s just how we roll.

Family Bday Party (10)

Years ago, I had a lady tell me that goods mom never buy the birthday cake, but they should always make it instead.  I bought into that for the last five years.  But this year…. nope.   I delegated to the grocery store.  Good moms can delegate, too right?  Right?  Somebody please say “right!”Family Bday Party (23)

Family Bday Party (14)Family Bday Party (30)Family Bday Party (49)Family Bday Party (33)Family Bday Party (20)Family Bday Party (44)

Anywho, we had a decently rocking good time.  I mean, nobody danced on the tables or anything, but everyone was pretty smiley.  And there was sugar.  So, recap:  smiles, sugar, and presents.  Yep, good time.  Plus: Both sets of grandparents.  All the aunts and all the uncles.  And most importantly, all the cousins.  The boys were in heaven.  (minus the brief fights & attitudes, of course:)  Yes, it was a good time. 

Sep 2

And we got a kick out of this guy a couple of times.  They boys love it, and I am proud of them.  Just thought you should know. 

Friday, September 2, 2011