Friday, July 30, 2010

If you don’t have a sister, you might not understand

y 10 020

Last summer, this dress belonged to Kenzie.  And then, despite my best effort to steal it, Alisha was the one who was able to snag it.  Boo.  I was bitter for awhile. 

But at last, my patience was rewarded, and I was able to steal it fair and square from Alisha. 

Dated and faded, yes.  But I am still happy.  I like how sneaky I was about it, too.  I practically took it out of her 5-year-old’s arm when he was helping pack up at the lake.  He knew no better.  Silly Gavin:)

Mwa ha ha!  Until next summer, sisters! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Questionable Marketing Strategies

So my family has already had this conversation.  But I would like to get other thoughts. 

When we were at the lake, we started chit chatting with this guy, a friendly, older gentleman who casually told us about what a great time he had at a zip line place that day. 

“Have you guys heard about the new zip line place near town?  Oh, it’s great!  I went with my wife today and  it’s better than the place I went to in Costa Rica.” 

“Really?  Sounds fun.  Where is it and how much does it cost?”

“Oh it’s about 30 minutes away and costs maybe $95 or something.  I don’t really know.  My wife paid.  But it was seriously so awesome.”

Anyway, that was enough to get us thinking that we would really enjoy something like that.  So a couple of nights later, we went.

So when we got there, we realized that the guy who had talked this place up a couple days ago, was the owner/operator!  He wasn’t a satisfied customer at all!  We felt pretty duped.   Everything he had said before, was more/less a lie.  I mean it was fun, and I am glad we went, but we’re still kinda ticked at the guy.  We didn’t confront him, mainly because only my sister and I realized it at the time… had we told one of our menfolk, they probably would have said something.  Anyway, was that wrong of him?  What do you think? 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If I had a baby….

I would do this

It looks so fun!  If Grant wasn’t a light sleeper, I would do it to him too. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few reasons why I love the lake

No schedule and no obligations.

Boat rides and tan lines.

Kids, and grown-ups alike, getting excited about jumping off of rocks and rope swings. 

Feeling WT, and not caring. 

The excitement when my boys catch a fish.

Fresh salsa and fresh guac… always on the menu. 

Oh, and showering is optional.

Here’s about a million pictures of what we were up to last week: 

Table Rock'10 018

Table Rock'10 055

Table Rock'10 042

Table Rock'10 054

Table Rock'10 058

Table Rock'10 063

Table Rock'10 072Table Rock'10 081 

Table Rock'10 097

Table Rock'10 112

Table Rock'10 116 2

Table Rock'10 122

Table Rock'10 124 edited

Table Rock'10 129 edited

Table Rock'10 134

Table Rock'10 138

Table Rock'10 146

Table Rock'10 163

Table Rock'10 168

Table Rock'10 175

Table Rock'10 181

Table Rock'10 185

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th and Whatnot

Just a few of my not-so-good photographs to sum up the weekend. 

july 10 001

july 10 002

Throwing Pop Rocks with style.   

july 10 022

And here is the clean-up crew. 

july 10 024

july 10 036

Here is Jagger being kind of pouty.  Basically, I am a fireworks Nazi, and don’t let him play with any of that stuff, other than the Pop Rocks.  The were lots of other big kids at this party that got to do sparklers and this and that.  So he was feeling pretty bummed that he didn’t get to play with fire…. but he still has all his fingers.  He’ll thank me for that someday, I am sure.

july 10 031  july 10 048

And here is a few of the kiddos getting ready to watch the big show.  And it was quite the show, I have to admit.  The boys were giddy with excitement.  Jagger screamed “DID YOU SEE THAT?” after each one.  And Cash was screaming  wildly whenever there was an orange one.  Uh, he likes orange. 

The boys swam, ate and played all day and all night.  And by the time we rolled home at about 11, they were out. for. good.   

july 10 063

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed some quality time with cousin Haylie and that crew.  Jagger is all about her.  But getting a good picture of the three of them, um, pretty near impossible.