Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The State of Things

It’s a mess!

And all those things on the ambitious To-Do list, didn’t really get done.  I mean they sort of did, but there’s more painting on the horizon for us. 


So we moved anyway. 


Thanks to the help our of parents and a couple of good & strong friends, we got all the big stuff knocked out on Saturday. 


Sunday, Cash woke up puking.  So that was pretty awesome. 


So our place is a mess, as I hope you would expect from me.  I should be doing more unpacking and organizing, but I thought sneaking away to the old house (where there is internet and TV,) and blogging would be more productive.    Or maybe just therapeutic.   


Anywho… these pictures are just off my phone.  When the painting & backsplash are done, all the cabinet doors replaced, and breakfast is put away, I hope to get you some fun befores & afters.

Of course, I’ll keep ya posted! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To do, or not to do

Pretty sure we can’t get this all done by our move-in day THIS Saturday, but we’re going to give it our best.


*Not included on the list: 

1.  Finish packing

2.  Small mental breakdown

**Yes, I know, I write like a dude

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jagger’s Artwork


I smashed a pumpkin. 


For Christmas I got a guitar.


And my brother got a plane!


I do soccer.  I am good.  And I know tricks. 


I love Cash


I love my mom.  I love my dad.  I love my Cash! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchen Picks

We’re still working on painting the cabinetry, so no pictures of that finished product yet.  But here are some of our picks that will be installed, hopefully within the next two weeks. 

Kashmir White

One or two of these babies are going to in.  It’s a Kashmir White Granite.  It was love at first sight.  I hope she doesn’t disappoint.


And then there is this baby.  I am debating adding the built in soap dispenser also.  Do you have one of those?  I am kind of leaning against it because I hear they sometimes stick a lot, and I would save a couple bucks if I went without.  What do you think?


And this big old baby-bathing sink is going in.  But I don’t have any babies to bathe, oh well.  I might borrow one.  Anyway, I’m excited.  Is it weird that I get really excited about big single bowl sinks?  Well I do. 

In the meantime, we are working on some less exciting stuff too, like fixing leaks and siding, and replacing toilet seats.  But I’ll spare you all those details.  You’re welcome.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitchen Progress and Inspirations

Right now, this is what the new kitchen looks like. 


It’s all primed and getting ready for some pretty paint.  Here’s specifics about the paint.

Most of the kitchen cabinets and all the trim are going white, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, to be exact. 

The island is going a dark gray, Sherwin Williams Dovetail.  And all those gold walls will be Behr’s Gentle Rain (we have that in our current house and I love it.) 


Grant is doing all the painting.  Himself.  And he is thrilled about it.  And that was sarcasm.  But we are using a paint sprayer for all the drawers and doors.  So hopefully that will save time, and give a smoother finish.

New countertops are part of the mix too.  We are just not exactly sure what though.  I’m kinda digging these. 

DuPont™ Corian® and Martha Stewart Living™ at The Home Depot

Or something to that effect anyway.  I haven’t done too much research into what I want, I just know I want it light.  We will probably make that decision this next week or so I hope.  And then two weeks, later, BAM, new countertops.

Below is my inspriration, mostly from Pinterest.  Hopefully, in the end, our kitchen will look something like some of these bad boys. But probably on a more budget-friendly-and-less-grand type of scale.