Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jagger Lost Something

And he was very excited about it. 

Loose tooth 002

But it didn’t take too long for him to be worried about the whole situation.

What if the tooth fairy forgets me?  What if my teeth don’t grow in?  What if I can’t eat anymore?

Loose tooth 004

Hopefully none of that will be the case though.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Kenzie

My little sister gets antsy when I don’t blog for a couple weeks or so.  She threatens me on facebook.  It’s weird and I don’t know why.  Her life is much more exciting than mine. 

Case in point: She’s newly engaged, just graduated college, got herself a job selling medical stuff with my hubs, and she gets to move in with us and be my nanny.

What?  Nanny isn’t part of the job description.  Dang it!

Even so, the rest of this year is going to be full of Kenzie, and we’re pretty excited.  This means two things to me:  I now have a partner for Manicure Mondays, and my wardrobe is about to double. 

I just hope she doesn’t mind the fact that our bathroom renovation that was supposed to be done 15 months ago, isn’t exactly done yet.   You’re cool with peeing outside, right?  I kid!

Tennessee Weekend 028

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Taste of Summer

Just a few pics of this year’s first trip down to the lake.

And not a lot of words, because isn’t the lake is pretty self-explanatory?

Cabin May 2011 007-1

But I guess I do need a couple captions:  Papa had a happy birthday.

Play Ball (11)-1

And the mamas and the grandma had a happy mother’s day.

Play Ball (26)-1

We enjoyed our time with our baby cousin.

Day 2 (16)-1

And I’m positive that the water was not warm enough for me to get in.

But I guess these boys have different standards.

Obviously they had a blast.

And it was well deserved relief after a long and hot day of fishing.

 Day 2 (27)-1

Look how cute my husband is.  Just thought I should throw that out there. 

Day 2 (4)-1

Clearly, that cute-patooty in the new life jacket is the apple of of his eye.

Play Ball (10)-1

Play Ball (13)-1

Play Ball (5)-1Play Ball (6)-1Play Ball (7)-1

And I don’t know what this trilogy of Jagger’s frustration was all about, but the boys had a good time showing off their skills.

And that’s that.  We’re looking forward to a summer full of these kind of shenanigans.

Yeah, I said shenanigans.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Detroit Tigers and the Netherlands, 5-year-old Style

Those are the names of Jagger’s t-ball and soccer teams, respectively. 

Kind of silly if you ask me.  

Anyways, I ‘ve got me a cute little athlete around here this spring. 

May 2011 050

May 2011 027

May 2011 028

May 2011 029May 2011 021

He is quite busy right around now because his mother doesn’t plan things so well and double booked his spring season.

Silly mommy. 

May 2011 060

Ah, I love that kid with long hair in a hat.   

April 2011 001

April 2011 007 

And I guess I love him in shin guards, too.