Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some favorite things about my 3-year-old

  • Jagger thinks the work "pause" is "smause"... as in "Will you smause the movie, Mom?

  • Jagger loves listening to Awesome God. The CD is in my car, and we listen to that particular song repeatedly as many times as the trip will allow. He says "Awesome God, again please, Mom" when the song is almost over. And I am always willing to play it again, as many times as he asks. I love that he does that because I love that song equally as much, so I have a great excuse for listening to it over and over without feeling juvenile for all that repitition.

  • I watch HGTV a lot, and today Jagger asked, "Are you watching another show about master bedrooms?"


  1. YAYAYYA I'm excited for your blog! Keep the Jagger quotes coming, it allows me to have kids vicariously through you. Is that creepy, ahh well you know what they say....I'm your natural mommy.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. Hope your boys had good birthdays. We miss all our Missouri friends.

  3. And how come I'm the last to know that you started a blog??? You secret keeper, you!

    The master bedroom comment made me laugh out loud.

    I look forward to more posts! (Not that you have anything else going on)


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