Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family dates

So last night the four of us had a nice little night on the streets of Columbia. This weekend is the annual Roots and Blues BBQ Festival, so we took advantage. With both boys, a stroller, and an extra hoody for everyone, we went and sampled BBQ from different vendors, walked the streets, counted mullets, and listened to some live music. The food and music were great, and surprisingly, the mullets were few. Which is unfortunate, because that has become a favorite pastime for Grant and me, counting and identifying the mullets or any other original mid-Missouri hair. We find it thrilling and exciting.

Jagger and Cash actually had a great time. There was virtually no fussing, which is really unlike my boys. And Grant and I enjoyed the live music, which we realized we have really missed, since it's not that often we venture from the Wiggles or the Mama Mia sountrack (thx Kenz). Anyway, Jagger really got into dancing with his glow stick. It was almost kinda rave-like... scary, but it was super cute.

This weekend Jagger's pre-school also had their annual fall festival. Jagger was thrilled with the bounce house, as he always is with those things. We could have left for half an hour and he wouldn't have noticed. I'll have to remember that for next year so I can plan some errands while he jumps. In addition, Clifford, the big red dog was also at the party, and there were pony rides. It was very exciting to be a three-year-old that day.

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