Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I guess I waste too much money

So Jagger and I were watching TV the other day and this commercial came on for The Aqua Globe. Have you seen this thing? It's this glass ball with a stem that you fill with water and then stick in your house plants, so you don't have to worry about watering them. Kinda ridiculous, but whatever, I don't really care.

So, here's the conversation Jagger and I had about The Aqua Globe

J: Mom, you really need to buy that!!!
B: No, I don't think I want one of those.
J: Yes you do too need one of those!!! (He is saying all this with great enthusiasm, by the way)
B: No, I think that would be a waste of money. I don't want one.
J: Mom, yes you do! I want you to buy that!
B: Nope, not wasting my money.
J: What is a waste of money?
B: That is when we spend our money on silly things that we don't need or want...... (and I go on to elaborate with words that a 3-year-old will understand.

So today, after a small shopping trip, this is what I heard all the way home.

J: Mom, you waste a lot of money!!!!
B: What do I waste money on?
J: You just waste lots of money. I know you do.
B: Jagger, what are you talking about?
J: You just waste too much money at all the stores on all the things.

Thanks Jagger. Not only do I have to hear this from my husband, but now from my 3-year-old. Awesome. At least with Grant, I can justify everything by the fact that it was on sale... not sure if Jagger will pipe down if I explain that to him too. Oh well.

It has to be said that the little man does keep my day interesting.

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  1. Funny boys. I have had this same conversation with Ryder, and now Gavin does it. And soon, you'll have Cash to nag you too ;)


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