Friday, March 27, 2009

Fine dining

Most of my lunches consist of leftovers, Lean Cuisine, or are skipped all together because I am a grazer.

But every once in a while I give myself a little treat and bring home a roll of sushi just for me. I sit at the table with my chopsticks in hand, and try to act classy. The rug rats sitting next to me bring me back to reality though. I think it's the aroma of their overly processed food, and the fact the they don't have their shirts on.

Anyway, I tell you all this to let you know about the boys' new way of eating their lunch. They see me dip my sushi in soy sauce, and of course, monkey see monkey do. So guess what the new trend is in our kitchen... Jagger and Cash demand their own little bowl of soy sauce, in which they dip their hotdogs, macaroni, grapes, Sponge Bob Cheez-Its, or whatever else is on the menu for the day. And they like it! In fact, they love it.

Who would have thought? Toddlers + Soy Sauce = a lunch without whining.

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