Friday, May 8, 2009

Missing T-Shirt

A few weeks ago I found a shirt online that I really needed. It was on clearance, and I can't pass up a cute $6 shirt.
$6 shirt + $6 shipping = Still a good deal, in my opinion.

So time passes, we go outta town, and I forget about my pending delivery.
A couple weeks later, I remember that I should be sporting this new shirt of mine by now.... but I am not... because I never got that package.

So I check online, sure enough, the package was delivered to our house while we were outta town. Grrr. Now I am mad. Call Grant to make sure he did not take my shirt. Call the neighbors who were in charge of taking in our mail to make sure they did not take my shirt. Negative on both.
Logical conclusion: Someone in Columbia stole my shirt!!!
So I call Victoria's Secret to clear things up about my missing shirt. They are super nice about it, by the way, and offer to replace it, no questions asked. BUT, since this $6 shirt was such a good deal, they are sold out. So they replace my money instead. I'm am happy about the refund, but totally bummed that I lost out on a cute shirt that was such a good deal.
Joke's on the thief though....
Here's the shirt they stole!
(Similar to it anyway... the one I really wanted isn't pictured online anymore)
And chances are whoever stole my shirt isn't big on the Jayhawks. After all, there are only like 4 of us in the city. So I imagine some mean Mizzou thief dumped my shirt in the trash somewhere.
Sad day!

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  1. Speaking of KU you watch How I Met Your Mother? One of the main characters was wearing a KU t-shirt on the show the other day and I thought to myself, "man, if he's so desparate that he needs a KU shirt to wear I better find a way to send him some Mizzou gear." :)


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