Monday, June 1, 2009

RIP Sushi Cornell 2008-2009

Dear Sushi,

I am sorry I was so unwelcoming when you first came into our home. You see, I had simply sent Grant out on an errand to Wal-Mart for dog food and cough medicine. I didn't realize he would come home with dog food, cough medicine, and you.... and a little aquarium, and little pebbles, and a fake little plant, and fish food and aquarium cleaner. It just took me by surprise, that's all.

And I am sorry I made a big fuss when Grant and Jagger suggested that we keep you on the counter. I just don't like things cluttering up my too-small kitchen, especially things that are alive and have the potential to smell fishy, that's all.

And I am sorry that I vowed to never feed you or take care of you. It was just my way of getting back at Grant for bringing you into our lives, that's all.

And I am sorry that I moved you back into the corner of Jagger's room where it was easy to forget about you, and easy to let Jagger's friends over-feed you, unbeknown to us. And I am sorry I disconnected you oxygen supply, it's just that there wasn't an outlet nearby anymore, that's all.

And though I never wished death upon you, I am sorry that I am not sad that you died. It's just that I am heartless, that's all.

But you did break one little heart in this household. Jagger cried a good minute or two when he realized you were belly-up. In fact, he cried until his daddy promised to buy him not just one, but two fish to replace you.

So Sushi, although you are replaceable, we will miss you! You were the original!

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