Friday, August 21, 2009

Another day at the beach

We got back from Gulf Shores last Saturday, and the vacation didn't disappoint. I've been wanting to post about it since we've been home, but I've been dealing with a pile of laundry that is as tall as I am, restocking our completely empty kitchen, and sitting on the bathroom floor and clapping my hands more than I had planned (see post below). So finally, here are a few pics from the trip.

This is the whole crew. Us, Grant's brother, Justin, and his wife, Erin, and Grant's parents. We all roomed together in a large condo that had the beach in the front and pool in the back. It was a good set up for us.

The guys took one day to go deep sea fishing. They each came back with their limit of Red Snapper. They made for a pretty tasty dinner.

Jagger chillin' in the shade.

Grandma kept stealing snuggles from Cash.

Papa loved feeding the birdies.
It's a jellyfish, not a breast implant. That would be weird to catch one of those.
Jagger went crabbing every night.

That happy fam, our the last night on the beach.

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