Friday, December 18, 2009

The Must-Do list at Christmas Time


Write a letter to Santa 

december 09 021 I also tried to have Cash dictate a letter to Santa,

but he just kept saying “Um….. candy cane.  Um…… gold.”  Maybe next year.


Watch Christmas Vacation


Grace?  She passed away thirty years ago.


Visit Santa

We got to see him a couple different times. 

december 09 018 december 09 014christmas decor 09 031

Make a Ginger Bread House

december 09 002  Or, in our case, a graham cracker house. 

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  1. I forgot where that movie line came from. My sisters and I used to quote that all the time. It just popped back in my head the other day. Thanks for the fun post! And I like the new look.


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