Friday, December 4, 2009

TurkeyChristmas Replay, Part II

Other than displaying our love for Eastern Michigan, the family did some normal things for TurkeyChristmas also. 

We feasted.

TurkeyChristmas 09 022 

We made silly faces. 

TurkeyChristmas 09 039

We took the obligatory annual photos. 

TurkeyChristmas 09 054

We exchanged gifts. 

 TurkeyChristmas 09 071  

We played with those gifts….. Notice the ottoman arranged in front of the TV, for safety purposes.   You can’t really trust a four-year-old with a Wii remote and the thrill of sword fighting. 


TurkeyChristmas 09 078 

And we watched some football….An awesome game to be at, by the way…. with the exception of the last two minutes :(

Do we seem less weird  now? 

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