Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Day Cash Pooped in the Bathtub and I Barfed while Cleaning it Up

I know what you’re thinking.  And, YES, my life is glamorous.

Anyway, the title pretty much says it all.  I just thought you should know.  For those that want the awesome details, read ahead. 

The day started out as an innocent snow day.  School was canceled and we were not going anywhere.  I had this weird feeling that I should be a good mom, and take the kids to play in the snow, and do lots of other fun things to create memories:  hot chocolate, homemade brownies, board games, maybe a craft, and other such nonsense those boys love.  I even documented it all, and made a Picasa collage to prove I was good mom and was capable of doing more than putting them in front of the TV and rearranging accessories in the living room. 

See that?  This proves it, right? 

And that’s when it happened. Seconds after that last photo was taken… the tub water turned a murky brown.   I didn’t notice it until Jagger kept laughing and saying “Look at the poopy.  Look at the poopy.”

Please a be a Lincoln Log that made it’s way to the bath tub.  Please don’t be what I think you are. 

Oh no, life was not so good anymore.  I quickly ushered the boys to the shower, and tried to figure out what to do with a tub full of poo. 

It was gross, incase you had any doubt.  So gross, that I gagged numerous times and eventually threw up while trying to clean it all.  Luckily the toilet was just a head-spin away.   I’ll spare you anymore details.

Yes, it’s a glamorous life I lead. 

I would love to know if this has happened to you.  Please share, it would make me feel so much better.


  1. The pooping in the bathtub has happened to me, not so much the barfing because I have the amazing ability to turn off the smeller in my nose. Although just having to deal with touching it is enough to make anyone barf. I can totally sympathize. But you made me laugh. A lot.

  2. Blair said, "Go read Brie's post, it's hilarious!" And he was right.

    I don't have a mom story since we don't have kids yet.

    But I do have a niece. And my sister in law one day went in to wake her up and noticed vomit that had dried in Audrey's crib and she scooped her up and put her in the bathtub, went to yell at my brother since she was running late for work and came back to find Audrey sitting in her own bath of liquid poo...and playing with it.

    Yeah....pretty much can't wait to be a parent and barf all over my own children because I get queasy at the site of a dirty diaper (which I've never even changed one.)

  3. Jagger got a haircut! Looks good!

  4. I'm so sorry for your situation but I am sitting here cracking up as I read this!!! Oh Brei, you're so funny. Sorry about the poo mishap but that junk is hilarious.

  5. You poor girl! I clicked on your blog from Rachel's when I saw the title from your post. Ahhhh! Definitely doesn't make me want kids anytime deserve some kind of medal. Seriously.

  6. Hilarious! (in a sympathetic kind of way, really) Yes, it has happened to me, but thankfully only twice and both times the um... poo was quite um... formed, you know, so it was a quick clean up job. So disgusting, though, really and I'm not that queasy of a person in general.

  7. Oh, also, I totally identify with sticking them in front of the TV and rearranging accessories! I've been on a decorating kick lately (I still hadn't hung any pics in our new house), and it's addictive!

  8. Alia has pooped in the bath three times now...but it's never turned the water brown. Maybe I just caught it in time. After throwing up in her car seat yesterday she also threw up in her crib last night.


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