Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fruit Snack Junkies

A few months ago this was a problem in my house.  The boys loved them…. like, as in they loved them three times a day….  and I mindlessly snacked down those empty calories too. 

Finally, one day it hit me.  These weren’t special treats anymore, as they were intended to be.  They were just so easy for me to hand out, and became Jagger’s go-to snack every few hours.  He was a junky.    And perhaps they were part of the reason that he jumps and such all day long.  Uh, duh.  Why does it take me so long to two and two together? 

So, I decided to quit buying them, cold turkey, hoping this would affect his behavior. … and save myself a few of those calories as well.  And hello, how about trying some actual fruit instead.  There’s a novel idea.   

Anyway, fast forward to a few months later.  I notice a difference in the levels of his hyperactivity and concentration, for the better.  Obviously, the lack of records and measurements makes this a less than scientific experiment, but still, I am going to call it a success. 

So I am pretty pleased that I found one small thing that I can do to make the boys a tad bit healthier.  I bet their dentist is pretty pleased, too. 

The batch of brownies that we eat daily, however, is another story.  We’ll tackle that in its own time. 

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