Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Smew Years and Running


I am usually not into making New Year’s  Resolutions.  There’s no point.  I never keep them.   And it’s not really a disappointment, because no one ever knew about the goal anyway.   And I can easily pretend I never made any goals.  It comes pretty natural to me. 

Anyway, this year is slightly different.  I actually have set a small goal for myself that I think will keep me on track… or treadmill. 

400 miles.

It’s not huge; I realize this.  Many people probably do this without even thinking about it.  But for lazy me, it means I have to stay committed and can’t slack off for more than a few weeks this year. 

And it’s an actual number that I can count to.  And, I just told the whole world (meaning all four of my readers) so it would be totally embarrassing for me not to reach this goal.

This is incredibly boring to you, I am sure.  I am only writing this because of that whole accountability thing.  Also, I am keeping track of my miles on my sidebar.  More crappy accountability. 

In related news,  my wicked sisters have signed up for the Nashville 1/2 Marathon again.  Me?  Well, I am not excited about training for it. Running is hard and it hurts my legs and lungs.  But if I don’t do it, my parents will probably make fun of me, being that I am their laziest daughter.  So 1/2 marathon here I come.   Dragging my feet.  I am so mad at those sisters. 

But I guess those miles will come in handy in helping me to reach my little goal…. and to help me burn off the half-dozen cookies I just devoured.  Both, really. 

2 down, 398 to go. 


  1. Good for you! I wish I could train with you because I told myself I could run a 5k, and while that is not nearly as cool as 1/2 a marathon, it's more than I've ran in aboooout 7 years.

    I will not make fun of you if you fail.

  2. Ummmm,I thought the sisters were going to go to Phoenix for the Rock n Roll Marathon and to visit their aunt. Guess I'm not the favorite :-(


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