Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting a facelift…

No, not me.  I wish.  Actually, I feel that 27 is a little too young for Botox and such… but my day will come.  Oh yes, my day will come. 

No, actually it’s the old house that is getting a face lift.

For the past 3 summers I have been saying that we were gonna do this.  And at last, it’s happening!   

The plan is to paint the siding something to the effect of this: 

some color 

Sherwin-Williams’ Svente Sage

and the doors and shutters something to the effect of this:

some color

Sherwin-Williams’  Tricorn Black

The trim will get some fresh white. 

And the front door will have our house numbers on it.  Like this:


And our sad little flower beds will soon be lined with a small wall like this:


That last part will be a DIY thing, so, knowing us, it may or may not get done. 

Even so, I am pretty pumped.  I hope it turns out as nice as I am imagining.  But I guess, we really do have nowhere to go but up….


  1. I LOVE the numbers on the door. I just might have to steal that idea.

  2. Good luck! Everything sounds and looks great!


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