Friday, May 28, 2010

The New Paint Job


Sept 09 005

And After:

may 10 015

Not a huge difference, bit it feels fresher and cleaner. 

And fresher and cleaner makes me feel happy.   

may 10 012

For now, the front door is my favorite part.  I ordered the vinyl decals from an Etsy Shop.  I bet I could have just asked around and found a friend with a Cricut who would have done it, but oh well.   

There are still a couple things on this to-do list, including a small retaining wall in front of the steps, new light fixtures, and heck, we might even get crazy and plant some grass.

Yes, sometimes we just get crazy like that.            


  1. I love the black!

    Even if you had painted it the exact same color, it still would have looked is amazing what a difference paint can do!

  2. I think I't a huge difference - looks muy bueno!


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