Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decorating, A Onesie, and Cleaning

In decorating news, Jagger has taken up to making his door a little more fashionable.  He really loves Shrek. 

June 10 019

Lovely, no? 

In onesie news, Cash has outgrown this:

June 10 002

Kenzie, we need a new one, Stat! 

And in cleaning news, I got a new Dyson in the mail today!  I was so excited I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom… in my swimsuit.  It was awesome. 

Also, (and here is where I reveal how dorkified I am) I did a little consumer-reports test and compared the new yellow beauty to my two-year-old Bissel.  Uh yeah, I won’t show you a picture, but it was gross.  After I used the oldy in just one room, I went over it again with the Dyson, and I definitely picked up an extra handful’s worth of gray fuzz.  I feel happy. 

Anyway, for curious minds….We bought the thing refurbished off of Overstock.  It looks and acts completely new to me, and we saved a few Benjamins. 

Oh, and I got home from the pool about 8 hours ago.  I’m still in my swimsuit.  I’m gross like that.  But my floors are clean:)


  1. The Shrek pictures are impressive, maybe graphic designer is in his future?

  2. hahhah Cash is so precious. I love the diaper too small/onesie combo. Your kids are so funny.

  3. Jealous! I have dreamed of a Dyson for years.


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