Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Finale

School starts tomorrow!  (Squeal)  But summer always goes by too fast.

It’s hard to see where it all went. 

In July, Grant’s grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, and it progressed quite quickly.  Too quickly.

Luckily we had enough sense to change our plans for a vacation into a staycation. There’s no quicker way to ruin a vacation than to have your heart be 1,000 miles away.  So we are glad we stayed.  Grandpa Berkley passed away a couple nights ago, so I know Grant is grateful to have been here for his last week.  Prayers of peace for the family are appreciated. 

And while it was under sad circumstances, we still got to enjoy quality time with siblings and cousins. 

I really do love all my inlaws.  I feel blessed. 

 aug 10 015

aug 10 022

We were also able to sneak away to Kansas for a couple days, and enjoy my side of the family.  The boys had fun swimming and shooting a BB gun, and I had fun sleeping in while my mom made the boys breakfast.  It’s the little things:)

aug 10 031

aug 10 028

This last week also marks the beginning of Jagger’s T-Ball career.  I don’t know who is more excited, Jagger or his parents.  Playing catch is his new favorite activity.  And I can’t wait to step up into my role of T-ball, baseball, soccer, basketball, football, hockey etc. - Mom!  

So now we’ve got school everyday and games every week, and no more sleeping in… And just like that, our summer is over. 

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