Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Language Lesson

Last year at the beach, Cash, trying to be funny, said “There is a crab in my diaper.”  We all thought it was wildly funny and laughed and laughed. 

And the joke has evolved over the year, with a crab on the head, on the plate, on the carseat… getting less and less funny each time. 

Today, the joke got a lot less funny.  

Jagger witnessed a dirty toilet at school and wanted to let his class know by screaming “There is a crab in the toilet!” 

Um, Jagger’s teacher had a talk with me about appropriate language.  Apparently, she heard him screaming CRAP down the hall.  And that is frowned upon. 

I thought about vindicating  Jagger’s honor and explain what he had really said, all the way back to Cash’s crab in the diaper… but I just decided to chalk this up as a parenting failure. 

Joke over. 

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  1. I can't help but laugh as I picture it all going done. Gotta love it.


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