Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few questions, a few prayers

  • have more kids?
  • public or private school?
  • adopt?
  • go back to school?
  • be foster parents?
  • get a job?
  • build a house?
  • sell our house?
  • how will this affect that?
  • will that strain us?
  • emotionally, mentally, financially?
  • does this decision make us selfish?
  • will we feel guilty if we don’t?
  • is it okay to be confused?
  • to change your mind?
  • to disagree?
  • to cry about it?
  • should i get new boots? (kidding)

feeling blessed and worried at the same time.  that’s all.

and feeling like a season of prayer is coming on.    A cascading waterfall, flanked by flowers.


  1. adopt a private school teenage girl with same foot size and share her new boots in your newly-built country home that you visit only on weekends to get away from the city hustle-bustle or not...

  2. Wow, Brei! There's a lot on your mind! If you have any questions about schools, just let me know. Will send prayers your way for discernment.


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