Saturday, December 18, 2010

More “That’s What He Said”

Cash:  (Talking, not singing)  “Our God is an awesome God who reigns from heaven above.  With a flashlight so he can find monsters and skeletons.”

While I attempting to to explain a couple political things to Jagger (the president’s job and what voting means,) I used such phrases as running for president and race.  Jagger’s response:  “So the first one who gets there wins?”

Jagger to Cash:  “Didn’t I just tell you NO?….Well clearly I meant NO.  What part of NO don’t you understand?”  -Oh dear, he’s been listening to his parents. 

Me, watching college basketball:  “This game is stressing me out!”  Jagger:  “But I can stress you out more Mom, right?”

Uh, right.


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