Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Views

feb 11 009

Hi there.  How was your weekend? 

We were all over the place for ours.  The boys spent quality time with their grandparents in Kansas.  Grant was on a ski getaway in Vail, and still is trapped there, actually.  And I got to be in the 75 degree heat of Austin, Texas with some awesome girlfriends.

feb 11 008

It seems like the weekend greatness came to an abrupt stop now that I am stuck in the house, for what looks like the next three or four days. 

But I am stuck with two handsome little boys, and a stocked kitchen, so really there aren’t any complaints. 

feb 11 005 

Just lots of hot chocolate, and playing, and movies, and popcorn, and forts, and artwork, and world-wide-inter-webbing… all while staying in our pjs. 

 January 2011 003

Except for Cash.  He likes to change clothes every hour or so. 

feb 11 001 feb 11 006 feb 11 003

And actually, I say there aren’t any complaints, but really it’s only been one day.  Day two and three may present a different story. 

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