Friday, March 25, 2011

So Here’s Some Random Stuff

I really want to share more progress on the house, but there hasn’t really been any. 

So that would be hard to share. 

So I won’t. 

I guess we’ve been focusing on other things around here.  I can’t think of those particular things at the moment, but I am sure they exist. 

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day for me.  I am headed to Honduras with the youth group from church for a week.  I am excited.  And nervous.  But mainly excited, I think.  Actually, I am just praying that this will be a great opportunity for all involved.  And honestly, for myself, I am hoping I will realize how blessed I am and that I need to start doing more.  More of what? I am not exactly sure.  But if this is going to be a swift kick in the butt, I’m ready.  I think.  Maybe.  No, I am.  I’m ready. 

Speaking of doing more, have you read Crazy Love?  I randomly picked it up yesterday to read on my plane rides tomorrow.  But then I accidently read the whole thing already.  Seriously, it will light a fire in you.  Hopefully I will be able to process that and write more about it later. 

In other awesome do-good news, my niece is coming home soon!  This has been a long journey for my sister and her husband, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them and their new family.  If you haven’t caught this video yet on FB, watch it.  It makes me ridiculously happy. 

A video my brother-in-law made of the journey to meet their daughter.

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  1. Your niece is soooo CUTE! How exciting! Hope all goes well in Honduras. Look forward to hearing all about it. Brook


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