Friday, April 8, 2011

Around the House

This place is becoming a little more like home everyday.  The first few weeks I would always go the wrong way and attempt to make my way back to the old house after dropping the boys off at school.  Hopefully that habit is almost kicked.

Here’s a little bit more of my favorite room in the house.  It’s basically they only space that is “finished enough.”

March 2011 001

I would love to get my hands on some white linen slipcovers over those wingbacks.  But I know I’ll never get around to it.  Plus, the floral and velvet are growing on me.   

I’m loving me some spring.

March 2011 002

It’s so fun to see what surprises are popping up in the yard.  Although I have to admit I am a little ticked at Cash for plucking quite of few of the daffodils.   

March 2011 001

Here is one of the boys’ favorite spots.  It is prime real estate for superheroes and pirates to get caught in Spidy’s web. 

While I was away on my trip and the boys were with the grandparents for a week, Grant went ahead and demolished the main bathroom.  He is putting in a new floor, tile, vanity, toilet, fixtures, you name it, basically.  So far it’s been out of commission for two weeks, and Lord willing it will just take one more.  Famous last words, though, right?

After that, next on his list is a little half bath attached to the boys bedroom.  That one shouldn’t take nearly as long, since it just needs a new floor and vanity and fixtures. 

And then it’s kitchen time!  We don’t know exactly what we are going to do to it yet, but I am looking forward to it. 

My responsibility during all this has been removing the wallpaper.  Oh, glorious wallpaper.  Hopefully some updated pics will come soon.     

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  1. When you're done removing your wallpaper, you should come over and take down the borders in my house!


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