Monday, April 25, 2011

Eggs and Candy and Stuff

April 2011 010

A few days ago I carelessly mentioned something to Grant about Easter in front of the boys.  I say “carelessly” because whatever it was that I said, let the little boys know that the Easter Bunny ain’t no real thing.

Uh, oops.

Truth is, they didn’t fully grasp what I had revealed, but even if they had, I really don’t care.

Call me un-American, but I don’t like lying to my kids about ginormous mammals that hide candy around the house.  It’s creepy.

….I’m still gonna propagate the Santa thing though ….. So if you had any doubt, I am not totally ruining their childhood.

Only partially.

Even so, I’m 100% for filling up an Easter basket with gifts and doing an egg hunt.

April 2011 021

I’m in it for the candy, that’s why.

April 2011 017

We did have a nice Easter Sunday, thanks for asking.  We had a great morning at church and then went out to Grant’s parents’ house with some other friends. 

Easter 2011

We feasted and fellowshipped, Jagger was inseparable from his new Leapster game, the kiddos got do do an indoor egg hunt, the boys refused all photography that involved wearing their blazers, and we got 1/2 of a family portrait taken.  I couldn’t ask for anything more, really. 

April 2011 020

Sarcasm aside, we had a very lovely day celebrating our Savior with family and friends. 

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  1. Looks like fun! This post makes me smile because my sister and I were just talking about how the Easter Bunny probably won't be a big deal but Santa still will be.


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