Friday, July 29, 2011

Travel Stuffs

Here’s a plethora of pictures from random little road trips we’ve been on this summer.  It’s so nice to get away on a whim, no planning and such, just “Hey, you wanna go visit so&so tomorrow?”  “Sure, why not?”

July 2011 010July 2011 003

July 2011 028

July 2011 056July 2011 084July 2011 045

July 2011 086

So all that up there was a little trip we took back to the homeland of Hutch.  Short for Hutchinson.  Short for Hutchinson, KS. 

And as you can tell, we ended the photo shoot with a nice picture of Uncle Rick, showing off how handsome he can be.  Thumbs up back at ya, Kenz.

Then later we headed up to Illinois to visit the Berry clan. 

Illinois July 2011 001Illinois July 2011 030Illinois July 2011 058

Illinois July 2011 064

Illinois July 2011 078

The girl loves her some goggles.

Illinois July 2011 099

As you can see, the kiddos got out a lot of energy in the form of hiking, karate, and sprinkler trampoline-ing. 

The sisters just drank a lot of coffee and did a lot of this.

Illinois July 2011 102

That’s how we role. 

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