Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The State of Things

It’s a mess!

And all those things on the ambitious To-Do list, didn’t really get done.  I mean they sort of did, but there’s more painting on the horizon for us. 


So we moved anyway. 


Thanks to the help our of parents and a couple of good & strong friends, we got all the big stuff knocked out on Saturday. 


Sunday, Cash woke up puking.  So that was pretty awesome. 


So our place is a mess, as I hope you would expect from me.  I should be doing more unpacking and organizing, but I thought sneaking away to the old house (where there is internet and TV,) and blogging would be more productive.    Or maybe just therapeutic.   


Anywho… these pictures are just off my phone.  When the painting & backsplash are done, all the cabinet doors replaced, and breakfast is put away, I hope to get you some fun befores & afters.

Of course, I’ll keep ya posted! 


  1. It looks AWESOME!!!! Great job guys!

  2. Looking good! Kitchen looks great, kind of like Wren's! It already looks like home-enjoy!

  3. So exciting! It looks so spacious and your kitchen is coming along great!!! Cabinets and counter look awesome!


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