Monday, February 6, 2012

Typical Monday with Pictures

I haven’t had my camera out in long time.  I sort of forgot to take any pictures for most of January. 

But this afternoon, a deer in our backyard let me get pretty close, so I had to snap some pics. 

January 2012 007

This is right off our deck in the back.  I just kept walking closer and closer.  And he just kept staring me down.  Finally, when I was about 20 feet away, he bolted.

 January 2012 001

And there he is again in the driveway.

Did you know that Jagger has recently become obsessed with chess?  Rumor has it that next year he can be in chess club at school.  He is pretty pumped.

January 2012 022

Wii Sword Fighting.  This 4 year old loves its.  “Take that you Mister” he says.

January 2012 030

January 2012 026

See that snaggle tooth?  It’s just hanging by a thread and I soooo want to just pull it out.  He won’t let me.  He’s no fun. 

But he’s cute, so I forgive him.


  1. Your kids are so stinking cute and your driveway is CRAZY long.

  2. Love your new house setting... beautiful!!! J and C are growing like crazy weeds!

  3. Sheesh, how long is your driveway? Do you walk that every day to get your mail?!? I can practically stick my hand out the front door and reach my mailbox. You're probably jealous of me and my 0.000001 acre of land. :)


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