Monday, August 13, 2012

Camp Berry

My older sister is an angel.  Either that, or she is crazy.  Why?  Because she offered my boys a week of “Camp Berry.”

2012-08-09 10.43.43

2012-08-09 10.44.03

So, all summer we had been looking forward this, and last week it was finally time! 

*did you catch the laundry folding part?  sister is so funny.*

Also, isn’t she the bravest? 

So, while Grant and I were home by ourselves, sleeping in, going to movies, and other such shenanigans, Alisha (and Jeffy) were being fun and responsible adults to all the cousins.  As proof, she sent me these.

imagejpeg_2_2imagejpeg_2_3imagejpeg_2_4imagejpeg_2_5  imagejpeg_2

Funny that she never sent me a laundry picture.  Hmm.

To end the week, we met up at a zoo to switch back kids.  This was a family farm zoo with exotic animals.  There were lions, tigers, bears, kangaroos, albino raccoons, and more.  But the biggest thrill, was this little tiger cub that we could play with. 

Tiger Zoo 054

This is Sarge.  He’s about 10 weeks old.

Tiger Zoo 084

We all gathered round and watched him wrestle this big dog.

Tiger Zoo 111

At one point he jumped up on Gavin and Cash.  I don’t know about Gavin, but Cash is excited to go back to school and tell his friends he was attacked by a tiger.  Too bad he didn’t leave a mark.

Tiger Zoo 032

Tiger Zoo 018Tiger Zoo 041

Tiger Zoo 065

And now we’re all back in our own beds.  Missing our cousins and all the cool stuff they got to do with them.  Until next time, at least, when I think the name of the camp will have my last name instead.

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  1. How cool is that!
    My brother now has 5 children so he better not be getting any ideas! ;)


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