Saturday, September 8, 2012

Party Time

It was a fun Friday night at our house.

  Birthday Party 039

Birthday Party 009

And by fun, I mean loud, messy, hectic, etc. etc.

The boys celebrated number 7 and 5, Star Wars style,

Birthday Party 013

Complete with 15 Jedi friends, light sabers, and an appearance by Darth Vader.

Birthday Party 019Birthday Party 031Birthday Party 025

Birthday Party 032

Birthday Party 036Birthday Party 038

A thunderstorm coming through town threatened to ruin all our fun.  But luckily it passed just in time for us to enjoy the mud outside.

Birthday Party 054

 Birthday Party 045

I didn’t realize what a huge hit the potato sacks would be.  The kids loved them.

Birthday Party 058

Birthday Party 066Birthday Party 074

No presents for the kids this time.  Just lots of generosity from their friends to help out our food pantry at church.

Birthday Party 087

Look at all the loot. 


  1. I love the no gift idea! Going to steal that in a few years!

  2. How exciting! I love your creativity, too... ESP the food pantry idea!! LOVE it!!!

    Miss you guys!


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