Friday, July 19, 2013

The Latelies

So, turns out, summer makes me not want to blog.  It makes me not want to make dinner either.  Pretty much, I’m not really good for anything in the summer.  Except for going to the pool.  I’m pretty good at that.

 2013-06-13 10.44.452013-06-22 14.23.01

The boys have finally learned how awesome life is when you sleep in.  To this mom, it’s a blessing, really.  And right now, I would just like to tell my mom “you’re welcome.”  I was a champion at sleeping in.  She never told me she appreciated it, but how could she not? 

2013-06-20 18.00.52

Sometimes, after an awesome night of sleeping until 9 am, the boys will dance with their reflection in nothing but their skivvies.  We’re just crazy up in here.

2013-06-16 15.26.03

2013-06-11 19.58.20

VBSing it up.

2013-06-13 10.18.37

Dental Hygiene.  Holla.

2013-07-04 21.14.16

2013-06-16 13.00.35

Back around Father’s Day, I got Grant this bug zapper swatter thing.  Uh, it’s safe to say we love it.  Well worth $6.  I recommend. 

2013-07-01 11.56.30

Cousins being boyish. 

Meanwhile, we are knee deep in our little house project of new siding and stuff (stuff meaning: new front door, shutters, lights, stone columns, front balcony and gutters.)  I’ll have to give that it’s own post.  We’re doing most of the demo of the blue stuff to save us some green stuff,  and then people that actually know what they are doing will take care of the rest.

  2013-07-10 19.42.26

Thanks Josh and Bradley and Dan.  You guys are true friends!

She’s coming along! 

2013-07-17 13.04.05


  1. I want one of those swatter things. Where did you get it?


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