Saturday, April 11, 2009

On being a Mom

What I love now, and want to remember always:

1. I love the resourcefulness and the (limited) creativity that they have instilled in me. Whether it be creating a meal out of virtually nothing, a Halloween costume out of odds and ends we have around, or the fact that I can doing many things one-armed (while Cash occupies the other.) I am forced to be prepared and think a little more. I love doing that for their sake.

2. Although I do not love it when my kiddos are sick I do love being the one who helps them feel better. I love being able to hold them tight and give them the sweet kisses that only a mommy can. This is also one of the few times where they will let me hold them extendedly anymore.

3. I love being able to watch them grow and learn from the day they were born. I love approaching new milestones, and to see their little minds turn, is fascinating. I learn a lot about keeping it simple from them.

4. I love seeing their relationship grow. The boys are becoming the best of friends. I love listening in on their conversations (as one-sided as they may be at this point.) I love their sharing and their teamwork, and the sweet hugs they give each other.

5. And most importantly, being a mom hass allowed me to see how much Jesus truly loves us. My love for my boys never grows weak, even when we are in meltdown-mode. I do not love them any less no matter what they do. Because I love in this way, I better understand the love and forgiveness given to me by Jesus, and the fact that I will always have a home in Him.

Happy Easter Friends!

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  1. This is sweet, Brei. Motherhood fits you well!


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