Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here Birdie Birdie

So I am on the wall-decal band wagon. I have "All Star" up in Jagger's room, along with a bunch of other sporty decals that I have yet to put up. And I have been looking for some fun graphics for downstairs, too.

Well today, while getting my daily does of this decorating blog, I stumbled across a free giveaway for your choice of a free art. It's from Lewa's Designs.

If you blog about Lewa's Designs, you will win your choice of a

Medium caterpillar

Baby Swirly Bird


Baseball Wall Decal

in the color of your choice.

You can write whatever you want, just make sure to link to

I think I am going to choose the little bird. Wouldn't it be cute perched on a window or door? Or maybe it would liven up the laundry room?

Once you've blogged about Lewa's Designs, send an email to with with a link to your blog post along with your choice of decal, color desired, name & mailing address.

Good deal, eh?

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