Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Must love shoes

Every once is awhile, the house gets eerily quiet. This is when I know the boys are up to no good. In the past quietness, I have found one or the other playing in my make-up, drawing on the cabinets, or playing in the toilet. So I always have a mini heart attack when I can't see or hear the boys.
The last few times, though, haven't been so bad.

Meet Cash's new favorite spot in the house: The bottom of my closet. The boy loves my shoes. What can I say? It not too bothersome, except for every once in ahwile he gets attached to a couple and will carry them around the house all day. Occasionally we find a random red heel in the shower and Grant will look at me and wonder what I was doing. As if.

Oh, Cash Money. Now if only I could get him to organize them while he is down there.

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