Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good thing I know guy code

Brei: What would you like for Father's Day?
Grant: For you to quit spending all my money.

Nah, he can't mean that. I think that's just guy code for "I want a hand-made craft from the boys, some new clothes for the both of us, and some more flowers for the front yard."

That's how I am going to interpret it, anyway.


  1. I think that's a good interpretation too. So we might be up on Sunday, I don't know if we will be cheap and not spring for a hotel. But we'll see you at some point. Do you have those clothes or do Barb & Dan? I am wishing I had them this week!!

  2. Does Grant realize how lucky he is to have you?

  3. You are the ultimate housewife. I would love to see you in action - the blog somewhat satisfies my curiosity.

  4. I am going to change my way of thinking. You have shown me the truth of what men really mean! My husband is going to be really happy I am reading your blog!!

  5. Hey, from Florida! I just found your blog (link from some Columbia connection) and you totally crack me up! Thanks for keeping me company while the kids are in bed, Rob's at work and I'm in no mood to be productive.


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