Thursday, August 6, 2009

Has anyone seen Grant?

Because I certainly haven't lately.

About a week ago, we got ourselves into a little bit of debt when we bought some acreage. In a few years, hopefully we will have a nice little place out there that we can call our home, but for now, there is a little work to be done. And that is why I haven't seen Grant lately.

Since it all became official, Grant has been out there every extra minute that he has had. Doing what? Ripping up the 4 abandoned trailers that occupy the land. I don't know what the hurry is; it'll be years before anything happens out there. He is just so dang excited though. He and Dan have been cleaning them out and deconstructing them. It's quite disgusting to me, and I prefer to have nothing to do with it. Good thing I have little boys that I have to take care of.

On one occasion out there, while Grant was ripping the roof off of one the trailers, he sort of fell through it. He was left with this pretty sweet bruise as evidence.

(In case it's not clear, that's his thigh.)

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  1. Ouch! And it wasn't clear. I thought it was his arm. whoops. Exciting news!


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