Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Official Documentation

I wanted to use this as an outlet to officially document a few things that I must always remember about Cash at this point in time.

He is at the phase now where he loves feeling running water and loves washing his hands. At the slightest sight of a mess, he looks up at me with hands in the air and says, "Wash your hands?"

Anytime I am having a conversation in the car, with Jagger, Grant, or the phone, Cash loves to interrupt me and get my attention. He will repeat, "Mommy... Mommy... Mommy", increasingly louder, until I say "What, Cash?" His constant reply is, "Uh, monsters and pirates." Always. Without fail. This happens probably about 10 times per car ride.

And if you haven't seen Cash in awhile, than you don't know that his current obsession is Rock Monster, a character from the VeggiesTales movies, The Pirates that Don't Do Anything. Obsessed might not fully convey how much he loves Rock Monster. He has named his pillow Rock Monster. He demands to watch his Rock Monster video upon waking up, and pretty much through the rest of the day. He has a Rock Monster dance. Any rock we see outside is Rock Monster. And Rock Monster makes it into most of our conversations. It's weird.

Cash is learning how to take revenge on his big brother. Jagger does his share of picking on Cash, so I feel this revenge often well deserved. Cash is sneaky about it though. He gets Jagger while he is just laying there, resting, or watching TV. And then BAM, Jagger gets in in the head with a plastic mallet. At first it was funny, but eventually, for Jagger's safety, I had to confiscate a lot of the weapons.

Cash is a little guy for his age and I LOVE it. At almost 2 years old, he can still wear quite a few shirts that are size 6-9mo (they are actually big for that size, I think, but still, it sounds funny) Anyhow, it's like God is letting me keep my baby for a little extra time. Cash is little, but his development is fine. It's adorable to see him running around and climbing, when just by looks, you wouldn't expect him to be doing so. Same goes for how much he talks.... (even though he just talks about pirates and monsters.)

When I am out of sight, he runs up and down hall, saying "Mommy, where are you?" It happens to sound a lot like "Mommy, I love you!" So even though I know what he is intending to say, I still feel flattered by his "declaration" of love for me.


  1. I just looked up rockmonster on youtube and let me just say that Cash has got some good taste, it's kind of awesome.

  2. Monsters and pirates are awesome! Also, I had been wondering what Rock Monster was.


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