Friday, October 23, 2009

A semi-quiet house

I love that my parents love my boys. 

I love that sometimes they take them away from me. 

The last four days Grandma and Papa Z kept CashBaby.  We really missed him here back at home, but I know he had a great time getting spoiled and staying up late with his grandparents. 

I wish I could say I spent my free time laying on the couch, eating chocolate donuts, and catching up on Rachael Ray.  That would have been so fun!  But no, I stayed productive, and attentive to the other little man in my life. 

Jagger and I had a “Big Boy Day”, where he got choose what we would be doing. His list included:

  • Go to the park to catch lobsters (crawdads)
  • Go to the scary store (Michaels,  all decked out for Halloween)

Easy enough.  He dreams little, and I like that about him. 

 October 09 (25)

So, we did just that.  And had fun Big-Boy-Times. 

While Cash was gone I took advantage of having two arms and my whole brain to finish a few little crafty things around the house, and some projects for my new niece, who should be making an appearance in December.

*Erin, don’t read that last part!  It’s going to be a surprise!*

It was good therapy for me.  I’ll probably show you all that in a couple of weeks. 

Anywho, Cash came back home yesterday morning.  And it couldn’t have been too soon for Jagger.  All morning long he waited, and waited, and waited.

 oct 09 002

He missed his little brother!  As we all did!  They were so happy to see each other…. although they didn’t stay reunited for long.  This morning Jagger took off with his other Grandpa to go visit the Great Grandparents. 

It’s grand having all these grandparents the love my kiddos!

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