Monday, October 19, 2009

It was good to be back

To see family I hadn’t seen in awhile.  And places I hadn’t been in awhile.

More specifically speaking, my Grandma’s house.  We were down there to help her move.  (Although we actually didn’t help.  That was done a few days before we got there.)  But we did get to help her arrange things at her new place, and clean out some of my Grandpa’s things at the old place. 

At her house, I got to pick out new curtains and arrange some accessories and wall art.  And if you know me, that’s pretty much my favorite pastime.  So I was happy to help. 

And at the old house, we cleared out the basement and went through a lifetime’s worth of stuff that my Grandpa had collected.  And let me tell you, he collected stuff.   

Some of the favorite things I came across include:

  • A coffee can full of cash register parts
  • Directions for “How to use Jumper Cables” hand etched into a sheet of aluminum
  • A box of ice picks
  • His roller skates
  • Many of his hand made tools
  • Boxes and boxes and boxes of fishing gear

These all gave me some smiles. 

I sifted through the stuff and was flooded with memories.  It was all for the taking, so I brought home a few key things that I can’t wait to display.  And I will bet that Grant now has more drill bits that anyone on the block. 


Grant was less than healthy the whole weekend.  So I just want to give him a little credit for what a trooper he is.  Despite his fever and whatnot, he was still hauling stuff around all weekend.  And my Grandma was a trooper too.  She was also sick, but still let a whole slew of  people invade her house for the weekend.  

I failed to take as many pictures as I would have liked to.  But I did remember to get a couple of my boys on my Grandma’s old iconic front porch swing. 

 October 09 (7)

I’ve got lots of memories on this porch swing… mainly, my sister falling off it backwards.  Haha

It’s funny, the things that you remember most. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Brei. Makes me think of my own Grandpa who's been gone almost 2 years now. Nice to remember.


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