Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas….. err Fall

I’ll start with a disclaimer:  I do realize I am crazy. 

This morning when I got up, the Christmas bug bit me.  I felt a deep need to get the house all decked out for Christmas.  I had Christmas spirit, yes I did.  But I also felt conflicted, because I knew it was too early to be overwhelmed with such spirit.  I don’t want the neighbors talking. 

“Did you hear about Brei, and her spirit?”

So I did what any normal person would do, and took a little Facebook poll to see if it was too early to put the tree up. 

My friends supported my Christmas spirit.   So with the feedback I wanted, I started going through storage to bring out the tree and all the other goodies that adorn it.   Let the neighbors talk. 

About an hour later, I had the  tree up. 

About an hour after that, I regretted it.  I am not ready for Christmas.  What’s this tree doing in my living room? 

I need to undecorate for Christmas, and I need to undecorate now.  But without taking the tree down, because that’s a lot of work.  So after a couple seconds of thinking really hard, I had my solution. 

I present to you….. my Fall Tree.   Full of feathers, and golds and bronzes.  It’s like fall threw up on my fake tree.    There’s nothing Christmasy about it.  

 fall tree 012

It’s not that crazy of a notion.  It’s not.  I know other people that do this.  Yes, they are crazy, but only in the clinical sense, and that’s beside the point. 

The current state of this leaves a lot to be desired.  I am sure  I’ll be poking and prodding at it all the time.   But, in a couple weeks when I am ready for Christmas, I am going to just throw some more  ruby red ornaments on top of all that other junk and turn it from a Fall Tree….. to a Christmas Tree.  Presto-Chango.  And then I will put a lot more crap around my house and it will be the merriest Christmas this place ever saw. 

But for this next week or so, I only have Fall Spirit. 

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